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About Us

About Us

Open since 1999, we have proudly served the Tri-State area in slaughtering, butchering and packaging local farmers stock. From goats and lamb to swine, cattle and deer, we ar experienced in all cuts. We are a USDA facility. 

Prices are as followes and subject to change. 

 Prices are per pound. 

Please call ahead to check prices.  


  • Ground Chuck Rolls $3   
  • Ground Chuck Patties $3.50
  •    Beef Filet $12.00   
  • NY Strips $8.00  
  •  T-Bone $7.00   
  • Ribeye Steaks $8.00   
  • Boneless Chuck Roast $4.25  


  • Sausage Rolls $2.50  
  • Smoked Bacon $4.00  
  • Fresh Bacon $3.00  
  • Pork Chops $2.50   
  • Boston Butts/Pork Shoulder $1.75  Spare Ribs $2.50  

  • Bratwurst $4.00 per pound or $4.50 with cheese  (Garlic, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian)  


Beef $2.75 per pound of hanging weight  Hog $1.50 per pound of hanging weight  Cut, Vacpac, Froze

Bring  your own beef, hog, goat, lamb and we will process for you. 

$40 minimum on any kll, cut and pack

$25 Kill & Chill

Beef Cuts $0.42 Slaughter Fee $15.00 Pork Cuts $0.45

Sheep and Goats kill, skin, cut, freeze $60.00

Kill and Chill Scraped Hog $25.00

Patties $0.50 per pound hamburger weight

Links $0.70 per pound sausage weight 

Packing single extra $0.05 per pound

All Boneless $0.10 extra per pound

Vac-Pack Burger/Sausage $0.15 a pound burger/sausage weigh

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Nelson's Meat Processing

2571 Yates Crossing Road, Milton, WV 25541, US

(304) 743-5400


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - Noon

Sunday: Closed